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2021 Top New Products

2021 Top New Products

Cannabis products are growing in popularity because there are so many new and innovative options to choose from. The cannabis community is growing every day, and there is a huge demand for CBD and THC products. Every year, there are new products that become available through medical and recreational dispensaries, and the following are some of the top new products of 2021:

CBD Bath Bombs

This is a very innovative product that can benefit your skin and provide you with a very relaxing bathing experience. The CBD content will enter through your skin while you soak in the essential oils released by the bath bomb and will reach your endocannabinoid system. These bath bombs usually contain CBD oil in combination with essential oils and fragrances, so you may experience both psychological and skin benefits as a result.

Liquid Pods

These are available in different flavours and are vaping pods that contain potent flavours and smoke. They are convenient because of their size, which is no bigger than a USB stick, and you will experience a quick and tasty relief. Such pods are available at many dispensaries and are very safe, so you can rely on the quality for a great smoking experience.

CBD Gummies

While these are not new, they are growing in popularity because it’s a discreet option that some people are more comfortable with. You will get to enjoy the benefits throughout the day, and gummies can be used for recreational or medicinal purposes. There are CBD-infused gummies that can be used for specific issues, including strengthening hair and nails or to help fight sleeping disorders.

CBD Topicals

Creams and lotions are now available, and these products can be used for massage and pain relief. Once applied, you will experience relief from aches and pains, and these products can also help with skin conditions as well. They are available in jars and tubes and can be applied directly to the skin. A CBD topical is any cream, lotion or salve that’s infused with CBD and these products are definitely worth trying.


CBD coffee pods are now available, and these are perfect for anyone who wants to discreetly treat anxiety and stress. These drinks are also effective for depression and chronic pain and are very affordable and convenient. Your coffee will have enough flavour to start your day and will include the perfect amount of CBD to steady the condition you’re trying to treat so that you can get through your day.

These are just some of the newer products that are available, and Honey Pot Smoke Shop will show you more. Our dispensary carries a variety of products, and our pot shop will provide you with everything you’re after. If you are looking for a marijuana store or dispensary near me in Niagara Falls, we can help and are known as the best dispensary in the area. Whether you want to vape or are looking for cannabis we’ve got you covered, so come and visit us today!


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