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Cannabis vs. Pharmaceuticals

Cannabis vs. Pharmaceuticals

The debate surrounding medical marijuana vs. prescription drugs is ongoing, however, new information is now available that can shed some light on this topic.

While it’s certainly true that prescription medications are important, it’s equally as important to note that medical marijuana is worth considering because of the many benefits it provides. The reality is that marijuana can help patients with a number of conditions, including epilepsy, chronic pain, anxiety and multiple sclerosis, so it may be time to accept the fact that medical marijuana can be a good alternative to prescription drugs.

If you’re wondering which option is best, it’s hard to come up with an answer because this would depend on the individual and the severity of the condition that needs to be treated. The focus should not be on which one is better but which option is most suitable for the specific patient instead. There is a lot of research that is still being conducted, but the results are very promising, and there is a suggestion that cannabis can ease the actual causes of the condition, which is why many patients prefer cannabis to prescription drugs. Pharmaceuticals only treat the symptoms, so marijuana might be better in some cases simply because of this aspect.

Another area that must be considered is the side effects. The reality is that weed has far fewer side effects when compared to prescription drugs, and it’s basically impossible to overdose if consuming just marijuana and there are no underlying health conditions involved. The product is also a lot less addictive, which cannot be said for many prescription drugs like Xanax, for example, which is highly addictive.

Medical marijuana definitely has a lot of advantages, and many people feel it is better than prescription drugs because it can replace harmful opioids. Cannabis can be used as an effective pain-reliever, and new evidence is showing that it can also be used by individuals who want to wean themselves off opioids. Cannabis can be used to eliminate harmful painkillers from a person’s life, and it has fewer adverse effects when compared to medications. Additionally, cannabis can benefit senior citizens because it can be used for pain and inflammation, sleep and anxiety, and it’s easy to tailor the dose, so anyone can use this product based on their needs and preferences.

Smoking a joint, using an edible or drinking cannabis coffee are just a few of the different consumption methods that can be considered, and there are hundreds of strains you can choose from, so you would be able to adjust the effects.

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