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FAQ about Cannabis and Cannabis Care

FAQ about Cannabis and Cannabis Care

These are some frequently asked questions that are typically asked about Cannabis Standard, medical cannabis and medical cannabis use, questions about getting your prescription, Licensed Producers and much more.

What is medical cannabis?


Medical cannabis is the phrase used to describe products that are made from the whole cannabis plant, or its extracts, that patients take to help with their medical conditions.


What is the difference between medical and recreational cannabis?


Legal medical and recreational cannabis are both produced by licensed producers under the same standards, quality and regulatory framework created by Health Canada under the Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations. The cannabis products sold in both markets are basically the same.

One big distinction between the two is that medical cannabis products are treated like medicine and recreational cannabis is treated like an adult-use recreational substance. This has implications on the workplace policies, insurance coverage, taxes, and other things.

In certain cases, licensed providers will cultivate different strains for medical use, which can have different effects. For instance, certain cannabis strains can be cultivated with various amounts of THC and CBD.


Why do people use medical cannabis?


Individuals might use medical cannabis because a licensed healthcare professional has recommended that it might assist them in managing their specific symptoms, ailments or conditions.


Is there scientific evidence for the use of medical cannabis?


There is much well-researched clinical evidence for the use of medical cannabis in order to treat the symptoms of certain medical conditions. However, typically with many other types of medical conditions, there is no or limited evidence which states that medical cannabis can treat medical conditions. All of the Cannabis Standard recommendations are backed by hundreds of hours of research and expert reviews of all of the best evidence around the world.


Is medical cannabis legal in Canada?


Medical cannabis has been regulated by the federal government under the Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations. Every patient will need to show valid authorization for medical cannabis and will need to purchase it through a licensed provider or dispensary.


Since cannabis is now legal, why don’t people just buy recreational cannabis instead of going through medical authorization?


Some patients might not like getting their cannabis through a recreational retail system. Plus, medical cannabis might be covered under certain insurance plans, while recreational cannabis won’t be. Medical cannabis is also a CRA-eligible medical expense and it can only be claimed on an individual’s tax return.


Who authorizes medical cannabis in Canada?


In Canada, patients are able to receive authorization for the use of medical cannabis from their physician or nurse practitioner. Patients can get their authorization in many different ways, including from their family physician or nurse practitioner, from a specialist physician, online through telemedicine, or from a cannabis clinic that specializes in using cannabis as medicine.


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