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How to Get Ready for Your First Marijuana Dispensary Visit

How to Get Ready for Your First Marijuana Dispensary Visit

You've heard about the powerful effects of marijuana, and you're ready to give it a try.

However, this isn't an experience to walk into uninitiated.

For instance, did you know a marijuana dispensary sells more than pot? There are hundreds of products available at the average one. Your first visit can make your head spin in more ways than one!

While your budtender will be able to answer your questions and show you around the place, it helps to know what to expect.

Today, we're sharing a few ways to prepare for your first visit to a dispensary. With these tips under your belt, you'll be better prepared to find the high you're looking for.

Ready to learn more?

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1. Know Where You Want to Go

Not all dispensaries are equal.

Before you go into the nearest one, do your research first. Read online reviews, gauge shopper feedback and asses the store's reputation before you spend your hard-earned dollars there.

Living in a weed-friendly state is great, but it means you'll have more options than you realize to sort through. Take your time on this step, however. You want to make sure the store you frequent is sanitary, helpful, and well-stocked with the goods you need.

2. Experiment with Cannabis Strains

Today, "smoking weed" isn't a cut-and-dry pastime. First, your weed will fall into one of these three categories:

  • Indica
  • Sativa
  • Hybrid

These differ in the effects they produce and the type of high they generate. From there, marijuana is further broken down into myriad strains. There's an almost infinite number to choose from, but some have made their way to the top of the pack.

Here are a few of the most popular strains you'll see:

  • Purple Kush
  • Acapulco Gold
  • Blue Dream
  • LA Confidential
  • White Widow
  • Maui Wowie
  • Pineapple Express

While you don't have to try any of these before you visit a dispensary, if you don't, you may experience analysis paralysis. With so many options at your fingertips, it can be difficult to know which one to choose! Research the differences for yourself to see what you prefer.

3. Bring Your ID

One of the top dispensary rules? You must show identification. This applies whether your 21 or 91, and it doesn't matter if you're going in for medicinal or recreational use.

Even if you're rocking stubble and a few gray hairs, this isn't an industry where you'll get by with looking older. Most reputable dispensaries will still require a recent government-issued photo ID before they let you near any of the good stuff.

If the plants are visible from the lobby, you'll need to show your ID as soon as you walk in the door. Make sure it's in good condition and free of any scratches that could make your face difficult to see. Everyone in your party will need to be 21 and older with a valid ID, even if you're the only one buying.

If you're visiting for medicinal purposes, be sure to bring along your medical marijuana card, along with special guidelines from your doctor.

4. Prepare For a Wait

In most states, the law requires that budtenders only serve one customer at a time.

That means you'll be in for a wait, even if the store doesn't look too busy. In other words, don't go on your lunch break, when you only have 20 minutes to spare. Plan your day around your visit so you can take your time without feeling rushed.

If possible, avoid visiting on weekends and holidays, as these are peak times for activity.

5. Have Questions Ready

The budtender is there for a reason. He or she is knowledgable about every product in the store, even if you aren't.

That said, it's smart to walk into a marijuana dispensary with a list of questions, along with any concerns you might have. A few ones to consider include:

  • What strains will help me sleep?
  • I have this certain physical ailment. What do you recommend?
  • What will make me feel more energized and motivated throughout the day?

A great way to get helpful insider knowledge? Ask the budtenders what they like! Similar to asking a waiter to spill the best dish on the menu, this advice can lead you to discover exciting new strains you'd have missed otherwise.

6. Bring Cash

Sure, we're an almost cashless society.

We swipe our cards and hold up our phones at the cash register, failing to keep even a few bucks on hand.

The one place this won't fly? The dispensary.

Though legalization has come a long way, most still operate on a cash-only basis. While some are embracing more modern cashless payments systems, most aren't there yet. Yours should have an ATM on site for shoppers who show up with empty wallets, but these can carry hefty service fees.

Instead, take out enough cash to cover your trip and keep it handy.

Not sure how much to bring? As a general rule of thumb, a 1/8th costs anywhere from $20 to more than $50 and an ounce will set you back $150 to $200. In most states, you can't buy more than one ounce per day.

7. Put Your Phone Away

Yes, there's a lot to see and do at a dispensary. It also looks super cool and if this is your first time, you may want to document every step of the milestone on social media.

One word of advice? Don't do it.

You'll violate the privacy of those around you and hold up the already-long line in the process. If you must go live or take a million pictures for Instagram, wait until after you've arrived at home to show off your new haul.

Ace Your First Marijuana Dispensary Visit

As the country continues to take a closer look at the industry, these stores are popping up all over the place. There may even be a marijuana dispensary down the road from you!

Don't let convenience trump quality. Find one that you love, filled with smart budtenders who love to share their best advice. Prepare beforehand with the necessary documents and have your questions ready.

As you await your visit, are you looking for another way to get high? If so, we've got the e-cigarettes, e-liquids, dry herb accessories and wax tools you need. Contact us today to learn more and feel free to shop around!


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