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How To Grow Your Own Cannabis

How To Grow Your Own Cannabis

Cannabis legalization has been spreading quickly around North America and many other places across the globe. Many individuals are now able to finally and legally grow their own supply of cannabis. If you’re ready to grow your own, keep reading.

Growing your own cannabis can seem daunting and complicated but this is only because you haven’t seen the right information. Many people unintentionally make things harder than it needs to be. This cannabis growing guide will help you understand the best ways to grow cannabis under your unique circumstances.

You can find a specific growth style for the space you are growing in, your budget and the amount you want to grow. Growing cannabis plants is actually a pretty straightforward process. Almost anyone who has a few free extra minutes each day and some spare space in their closet or garden can grow their own high-quality cannabis right at home.

What do Cannabis Plants need to do well?

In order to thrive and grow big and strong, every cannabis plant needs:

Light - you can use grow lights or harness the power of the sun. Either way, you need to understand the lighting needs of a cannabis plant to get the best buds and the highest yields.

Growing medium - this is the material that you grow your plants in, and soil is not the only option here.

Air - having a well-ventilated area is important to have good air exchange, and a place with a breeze is best.

Temperature - one good rule of thumb to remember about growing cannabis is that if it is too hot for you, it is too hot for your cannabis plant. Like humans, cannabis plants can die from being exposed to extreme temperatures.

Nutrients - there are pre-formulated nutrients that you can buy to add to your water, or you can compost your own super soil, which already has all of the nutrients needed.

Water - like every other plant and other living creatures, cannabis plants need water to survive and to grow.

You will need to make sure that your cannabis plants are getting the proper amounts of these resources.

If you planted a cannabis seed today, are you wondering how soon you can smoke your harvest? You will need to wait around nine weeks if you have planted a quick auto-flowering strain.

Indoor growing tends to be shorter than outdoor grows because you have more control over when your plant will start to bud. Auto-flowering cannabis plants will also be shorter. But with shorter grows, you will get smaller harvests. Certain strains and outdoor grows will take up to seven months or more. On average, it takes about three to five months to grow, harvest and cure your own buds.

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