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Our Shop Essentials

Our Shop Essentials

Looking to pick up some great new cannabis products and accessories? Don't know where to start? Let us show you the way with a complete guide to our cannabis essentials at Honey Pot Smoke Shop in Niagara!


Mac 1

This premium flower just can’t be compared to anything else, a potent hybrid that's just right for lighting up at any occasion. The high offers calming effects along with enough energy to stay alert and completely in the moment!


This LBS branded indica strain lives up to its name. After smoking this dark green bud, you will feel like you just watched the most beautiful sunset of your life and can fall asleep as if you were on cloud 9.

Sage N’ Sour

Looking for your perfect sativa? Honey Pot has you covered. Sage N Sour is the perfect sativa to get those creative juices flowing all day long!

Vaporizer cartridges:

Blue Dream Cartridge

An awesome hybrid strain that affords exceptional taste and feeling without any smell. Ask about how our carts work and how we will help you find the best vaporizing solution for all your needs.

Not into inhaling? No problem, these next two categories leave you relaxed without inhaling anything but oxygen!


Pure Sun CBD oil

This CBD oil contains 0mg THC and is the perfect option for anyone looking to relax sore muscles or body tension without clouding your mind!


Balance Chocolate

This sweet edible is the perfect option for anyone looking for that complete relaxation high. With an equal distribution of CBD to THC, these are the best way to deliver zen to your mind and body!

Watermelon Sour Soft Chews

Everyone knows the pink gummies are the best! Especially when each pink gummy is infused with 10 mg of thc! This hybrid edible will leave you feeling happy, relaxed, and calm without draining your energy reserves!


King palm watermelon wave

Rollup with no problem thanks to the king palm watermelon wave cones. Each puff is like biting into a juicy watermelon slice! Try for yourself next time you stop by the honeypot smoke shop.

Electronic herb grinder

The most efficient way to grind your herb for any smoking method is with the electronic herb grinder. Watch how quickly this machine shreds your flower into the perfect size pieces!

Stashlogix Silverton

Keep your stash and favourite accessories super organized with a lockable and portable storage case! There are so many unique features and different compartments for all your bud and smoking supplies.

Pick up all of our favourites along with all of yours at HoneyPot Smoke Shop Today!


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