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The Definitive Marijuana Guide

The Definitive Marijuana Guide

Marijuana is a very popular product, and every user has their preferences when it comes to smoking cannabis. This choice is unique to every user, and whether you are new to the world of cannabis or are looking to try a different method, this guide will provide you with different options.

Choosing the best method will ultimately come down to your personal preference, and the best way is really your favorite way and the following can all be considered:


This tool heats up the herb without combustion, so it is the healthiest way to smoke weed. The cannabinoids in the herb burn at a much lower temperature than that of the flower, so you are still able to get high, and because you can inhale the cannabinoid without inhaling burned leaf and tar, you will be able to enjoy a sweet taste that is smooth and clean. It might take a few extra hits to achieve the same high relative to others, but quality vapes are worth the investment.

Glass pipes

This is a convenient option for those who are constantly on the go. These glass pipes are small enough to fit just about anywhere and are very easy to use. You simply have to pack the bowl with your weed, hold the choke with your thumb, and light it up. This product is also referred to as a bowl and is both quick and efficient. Many of them are designed as beautiful works of glass art, so in addition to smoking pot, they are aesthetically pleasing as well. The only downside is that they are easy to break, so be careful of this aspect.


A doobie is always reliable and is a simple way of smoking pot. This method is a long-time favourite because of its simplistic ease and because you can find a pack of rolling paper at just about any convenience store. Once you roll one up, you can tuck it away anywhere until you’re ready to light it up. Another reason why joints are so popular is because they can be passed around circles quickly, so it will keep everyone engaged.


This device relies on a layer of water at its base, which allows users to inhale the smoke through a submerged tube that cools the smoke with the surrounding water before it hits your lungs. You will have to pack and light the bowl, then slowly inhale and remove the bowl whenever you’re ready to take the chamber. This method will provide you with a powerful hit, but it is not as convenient as other options, so this is one aspect you have to consider.

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