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Tips To Keep Your Weed Fresh

Tips To Keep Your Weed Fresh

Keeping your weed fresh is not always an easy thing to do, but the following tips will allow you to maintain the freshness of your bud:

  • Store Your Weed in Glass Jars and Seal it with a Lid

Glass jars are perfect for storing weed because they will provide you with an air-locked environment and prevent microbial growth that can occur due to external factors. Air will not be able to seep in or out of these jars, and all you have to do is make sure the glass jar is dry because it can sweat from within.

  • Hang on to Empty Medicine Bottles

This is another great way of keeping your weed fresh because these bottles are specifically designed to keep contents dry and safe, so you won’t have to worry about contamination. Additionally, these bottles are also very safe and convenient, and they can be easily carried, so don’t throw away your medicine bottles too quickly.

  • Do not Freeze Marijuana

This is a common misconception, so do not fall for this false information because freezing marijuana will not preserve its freshness or nutritive value as cannabis is not a fruit or a vegetable, so it should not be treated as such. In fact, your weed can go bad faster if you try freezing it for freshness because you open and close your fridge several times a day, which will increase the risk of contamination.

  • Choose a Dark Container Over a Transparent One

Dark containers will limit exposure to light, which will increase the chances of your weed staying fresh. You have to remember that cannabis is an organic substance, so it is prone to decay by environmental factors, and a high level of light exposure will dry it out. When it comes to the light vs. dark debate, always choose a dark and tinted container.

  • Do not Add Anything in Your Storage Jar

Simply put, just leave your marijuana alone. Some people think that adding fresh fruits or vegetables into their weed jar will help it regain moisture, but this is false. The addition of other organic matter in your storage jar will actually help create a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

  • Consider Titanium Containers

This will help minimize your buds’ exposure to oxygen, so if you can spend a little more, titanium containers are ideal when it comes to storing weed because it will let in the right amount of air while locking out unwanted elements, so you will never compromise on flavour.

  • Invest in a Humidor

If you are really serious about keeping your weed fresh, a cannabis humidor is the best option because this small box is completely airtight and opaque as they are specifically made for the storage of marijuana. This means your humidor will maintain the perfect humidity levels for your cannabis, and it will remain very fresh as a result.

The experts at Honeypot Smoke shop will provide you with more tips regarding this matter, and we will also share our professional recommendations regarding the best weed products that are available. We carry a variety of marijuana products, so come and visit us today!


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