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What to Look for in a Niagara Falls Dispensary

What to Look for in a Niagara Falls Dispensary

Around 4.2 million Canadians use cannabis. Get access to the best cannabis ever by going to a Niagara Falls dispensary.

About 56% of Canadian cannabis users admit to using weed on a daily or weekly basis. However, even self-proclaimed pot experts might not know what attributes to look for in a dispensary.

The dispensary you purchase marijuana from greatly affects the quality of your cannabis experience. Much like restaurants and bars, dispensaries also vary in quality. That's why it's so important to know how to pick out the best recreational dispensaries in Canada.

Here's what you should look for in a dispensary.

Keep It Local with a Niagara Falls Dispensary

Ideally, the dispensary you go to should be located in the Niagara Falls area.

Not all Ontario dispensaries are close to Niagara Falls. A dispensary located in Niagara Falls (like Honeypot Smoke Shop) is the most convenient option for anyone who's in this area.

(For the record: Honeypot Smoke Shop is located on 6832 Drummond Road, Niagara Falls, L2G 4P3.)

Because multiple dispensaries are located close to each other in Niagara Falls, they're more likely to have competitive pricing. The short distance also makes it easier for consumers to compare prices and get the best deals.

Safety and Cleanliness

You can judge a dispensary by how well the workers abide by legal regulations and protocol. For example, a good dispensary will scan your ID card whenever you enter the building and make a purchase.

The equation is simple: The more a dispensary follows the law, the less sketchy of an operation it is. A dispensary that follows the law ultimately means less trouble for you.

The best dispensaries are also clean. If a dispensary is clean, that means the bud will be in good condition. Plus, a clean environment is necessary in order for budtenders to properly handle the bud.

Speaking of budtenders...

Knowledgeable Budtenders

A budtender is a person who serves customers at a dispensary. Budtenders are responsible for getting customers the kinds of marijuana and products they want.

Having a knowledgeable budtender can mean the difference between getting the best Ontario marijuana and being a dissatisfied customer. The more your budtender knows about weed, the better they'll be at guiding you towards a product you'll enjoy.

For example, let's say you want a strain that will make you feel energized and creative. If you communicate this to your budtender, they'll help you select a strain with these properties. (In this case, the budtender would choose a Sativa-dominant strain.)

Good budtenders are passionate about cannabis. They should be comfortable with answering your questions. In turn, a helpful budtender will also make you feel comfortable with asking them questions. 

Let's face it: It's not your job to know everything about cannabis. That's the budtender's job.


Consumers judge a dispensary by the quality of its selection. In fact, a dispensary's selection reflects the establishment's personality just as much as its employees do.

Good dispensaries like Honeypot Smoke Shop and Wonderland Dispensary will even give you access to products other dispensaries don't carry. 

Dispensaries sell not only cannabis but all the supplies a person needs to use cannabis. For instance, a dispensary that sells dabs will also sell dab rigs, torches, and accessories.

Marijuana is more than just THC. That's why you can also count on dispensaries to carry products containing CBD and other cannabinoids. 

If you don't see the product you're looking for at Honeypot Smoke Shop, feel free to ask an employee about it. They'll be happy to help you find what you need.


You're already being smart with money by going to a dispensary. A dealer might be cheaper, but their products aren't as high quality as the products you'll find at a dispensary.

Still, money matters when you're buying from a dispensary. It's wise to be careful when it comes to the price tags on marijuana products.

Before you visit a dispensary, decide on a realistic budget you can stick to. Make sure you tell the budtender about your budget. That way, they can recommend products that are within your price range.

If you are interested in buying a product, consider how much THC and CBD the product contains. It's worth it to pay the higher price tag for a product with more THC and CBD. A more potent product will last for a longer amount of time than a less potent product will.

Rewards and Recognition

If you buy weed frequently, you deserve to be rewarded for giving repeated business to a dispensary. Good dispensaries have their ways of rewarding customer loyalty.

Dispensaries can service up to thousands of customers in a single day. Still, if you're a regular customer, the least a dispensary staff can do is acknowledge you.

Dispensaries like Honeypot Smoke Shop express customer appreciation by having great deals. You'll never find better dry herb glassware than the selection that's available at Honeypot Smoke Shop.


If you're not sure about a dispensary, read the reviews that are available on the internet. Reviews can tell you a lot of things that a business's website doesn't admit to.

Pay attention to both positive and negative reviews. Above all, look for patterns in the reviews. If multiple reviews say the same thing about a dispensary, it's probably true.

However, keep in mind that people do employ writers to post fake reviews. Business owners often use this tactic to sabotage their competition/other businesses.

The Dispensary Is Waiting for You

In Canada, the cannabis industry exceeds $210 million. If you want to be the happiest customer ever, go to a Niagara Falls dispensary.

You can trust that all the products at a dispensary are safe. A street dealer doesn't give you that sense of security.

Get lost in the clouds and check out our e-liquid. You'll become the most envied person in your neighborhood.


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