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CanaCrush Grooved 2" 4-Piece Grinder

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Canacrush Grinders are machined from high-quality aluminum, making for a lightweight yet durable grinder that can stand the test of time while still remaining extremely reasonably priced. The Canacrush 4-Piece Grooved Grinder is a fun addition to the already impressive Canacrush grinder line, with its simplistic grooved design adding an interesting visual profile to an already quality product. The Grooved design has the added benefit of creating easier gripping surfaces for turning the grinder, making jamming or sticking much less likely when grinding materials. This grinder also includes separate built-in storage sections separated by a fine mesh screen, the first for collecting ground materials, and the second being intended to collect finer particles that pass through the screen.

High-Quality Aluminum Body
2" 4-Piece Design
Quality Screen Collects Fine Particles without easily clogging

Whats's in the box:
1 - Canacrush 2" 4-Piece Grooved Grinder

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