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The Cannabible 2 By Jason King

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Cannabible 2 - Taking off where volume 1 left off, Cannabible 2 raises the bar even HIGHER with 200+ all new strains, as well as an enlightening introduction by Joan Bello (author of The Benefits of marijuana - Physical, Psychological, and Spiritual) entitled "Does Marijuana Make You a Better Person?" Suffice it to say, Yes it does! Add to that funny and informative pieces on: Higher Organics, The Australian Cannabis Cup, Mardi Grass, Powdery Mildew, Water Hash, Cannabis & Chocolate, On Judging Cannabis, Effects of Legalization, Marijuana Smoking & Creativity, How to Distinguish Fine Cannabis, Jamaica, Marijuana vs. Wine, The Tolerance Factor, Classy Glass II, Sonic Bloom, State Vs. Federal law, The Munchies, Switzerland, Invoking the Spirit of the Plant, etc. All this and packed the the brim with lush photography and more of King's renowned microscope photography. If you loved Cannabible 1, you will love Cannabible 2 even more! 10" X 10" - 182 pages

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