Marijuana comes in all different shapes and sizes, so it is hard to see when a type of marijuana gets a bad rep. This is happening for marijuana shake. Shake weed is largely available in both medicinal and recreational dispensaries everywhere. But for a lot of people, many are still unsure if it is worth smoking. So what is shake weed? And is it just as good as regular weed? What are its effects and will it get you as high? Keep reading to learn more.


Shake weed seems like a substance that is up for interpretation as no one online seems to agree about what exactly it is made up of. However, in a general sense, shake is the term used for the small bits of flower which collect and gather at the bottom of a cannabis bag or a storage container.

Marijuana shake comes from the part of the weed plant that normal buds come from. Actually, shake is part of the buds. It is just little tiny pieces of the buds that have fallen off naturally. This could be due to handling, bumping around through transportation, etc.

Shake weed can contain any part of a bud, including sugar leaves and trichomes. Shake can have just as much THC as any other part of the flower. Despite what you might have heard somewhere else, shake can get you high. And it can be quite potent too in some cases.


If you have ever bought cannabis in little baggies, then you might have seen the little bits that break and gather at the bottom. Like the crumbs in a chip bag. The same thing happens at dispensaries, but at a much larger scale. Budtenders are very aware of this, so they will often have shake weed for sale at discounted prices. Dispensaries usually sell shake as a stand-alone product. It can be bought by the gram like regular weed, or by eighths, quarter-ounces or even full ounces.

If you are on a budget but you still want to purchase cannabis, then you could buy shake weed and save a bit of money. A lot of dispensaries will even have shake for sale in pre-rolled joints, but this could be problematic for those who use cannabis for medical reasons.

This is because in most cases there is not enough shake from a specific strain to make up a whole pre-rolled joint. Instead, the dispensary will use multiple different strains to fill up the joint, which helps them minimize waste and maximize profits.

For some this mix and match shake joint could be a fun ride and produce an exciting and strong high, however, for those who are looking for treatment for a specific ailment, shake weed can fall short as it can be unpredictable. At worst, it can result in unwanted side effects like headaches.

We advise anyone who wants to buy shake in a pre-roll should first consult with the budtender to get more details about it.