The cannabis industry is growing rapidly, and its popularity cannot be denied. Whether you already enjoy this product or are interested in trying it, it’s important to know about your options, and the following guide will highlight new types of cannabis products you can try:


Cannabis Oil

This product can be taken by itself through different forms, so it is very versatile and arguably the most sought-after cannabis product for consumers. This kind of oil has very low traces of THC, so you will not get as high as you would with marijuana, and this is why a lot of people gravitate towards this product. Whether you’re after pain relief, nausea relief or anxiety relief, cannabis oil will provide you with your desired effect without psychoactive reactions. CBD oil is available in capsules, tinctures or as an E-liquid for a vape pen, so you will have plenty of options.


Cannabis Beauty Products

CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties because of cannabinoid receptors in the skin, so including them in beauty and skincare products made sense because it has the potential to fight acne while helping with pain relief, hydration and feelings of relaxation. These products are now being sold on several beauty websites because consumers are interested in clearer skin and pain relief, and you can also get your hands on bath bombs and bath salts so that you can relax in your tub.


Honeypot Products

Believe it or not, it is possible to drink weed, and while this product may not be as known as the others, it is slowly growing in popularity as more and more people become aware of its availability. Cannabis cola and fruit punch, and even cocktails infused with cannabis are just some of the beverages you may be able to come across, and a lot of coffee shops are starting to sell cannabis-infused coffees as well.


Cannabis Chocolates

Edibles have been popular for a very long time because of their potency, and most people are familiar with a weed brownie, pot cookie or gummies but may not know about cannabis chocolates, which are becoming a very popular trend. Chocolate is a very different method of trying weed and is considered more sophisticated than smoking a joint, so you can consider this option.


Niagara Dispensary

If you prefer to take your weed-like medicine, which it can be, then capsules would be ideal, and while they may not be as fun as chocolates or gummies, they will get the job done, so you can rely on this product. It’s a simple option that looks just like other capsule pills, so if you want cannabis in a quick and easy product, this would be it.

If you’re interested in fun cannabis products, Honeypot Smokeshop can help you find exactly what you’re after. We carry a wide selection of cannabis products, so come and visit us today!