Plant Therapy: The Benefits of Cannabis Gardening

Gardening can be very therapeutic and is beneficial for the body, mind and soul. Incorporating cannabis into your garden can provide several benefits, and something as simple as getting out in the garden and tending to your plants counts as plant therapy. This term refers to the joys of simple gardening, including watering, feeding and pruning. 

Cannabis Gardening: Good for Overall Health & Well-Being

Immersing yourself in the sights, smells, and textures of gardening with cannabis plants nurtures wellbeing in interconnected ways.

When all these elements unite through the practice of cannabis gardening, the holistic experience uplifts your overall health and enriches your quality of life beyond just cultivating a plant that you can smoke!

  • Physical Health

Gardening requires you to get outside and move around. While it’s not the most intensive physical activity, it does count as exercise because raking, digging and carrying large bags of soil are very physical. This activity can not only reduce stress, it can also improve your quality of life. 

  • Mental Health

Gardening requires you to be out in nature, which can positively affect your mental health. Cannabis gardening has the power to reduce stress and lower symptoms of depression, and can improve one’s mood. Exposure to plants can make people feel calmer, as can the colour green, and when people are surrounded by green spaces, their mental health can improve significantly. 

  • Knowledge of Nature

Gardening is a great way to learn new things; this activity will teach you all about nature. You will have the opportunity to learn about the names and characteristics of different cannabis plants and what they need to thrive. Over time, you can develop a greater understanding of your garden’s ecosystem.

  • Socialization

Gardening can be done alone or in a group. You can choose to share gardening tasks with friends, which will help combat loneliness and improve your well-being. Gardening can help you socialize, which will make you feel happier overall.  

Therapeutic Benefits of Cannabis Gardening

Now that we know some of the benefits of cannabis gardening, we can discuss why gardening is so therapeutic. Here are just some of the reasons why gardening is good for you:


Gardening is a slow and mindful exercise, and you can move slowly because rushing is not a requirement. It is very stimulating for the senses, and you will feel the wind, rain and sun on your skin, along with the cool and damp soil in your hands and the texture of the wood and leaves


It is an activity that requires you to be present, and it’s also very grounding if you are feeling sad or stressed; going out to the garden will help you embrace the beauty of a natural environment. 

Connection to Nature

Spending time in nature will allow you to connect with your surroundings which can be very therapeutic. In today’s fast-paced world, most of us are disconnected from nature and are constantly running around to complete our work and personal obligations


Stepping into your garden will help you develop a special connection with the natural world, and you can forget about your worries while in this environment. 

Creating a Sense of Empathy

Gardening requires you to care for plants and encourages a sense of empathy with the natural world. The more you garden, the more you will care for and love the plants you are growing, and this type of companionship is comforting both for the mind and soul.


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