Vape Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Cannabis Vaporizer

Vaporizing is considered more efficient than smoking because the herbs are not burned, meaning you can extract more of the essential oils. Some advantages of vaporizing include improved extraction, low odour, less throat and lung irritation, and better flavour. 

Interested in buying a cannabis vaporizer? Here’s what you need to know:

Portable Unit vs. Desktop Unit

A portable cannabis vaporizer is smaller and usually runs on batteries. It contains smaller chambers and is simple and more discreet, making it perfect for on-the-go use. Most of these units are small enough to fit in your pocket.

Desktop vaporizer units are larger, with a more voluminous chamber. It has multiple intake methods, is less discreet, and is intended for home use. These units allow you to use more herbs, which is great if you want a more potent session or if you want to vape with your friends. 

Now that you know which units are available, you must consider the desired features. When buying a cannabis vaporizer, you can look for the following:

Temperature Control

Controlling your temperature is important because different herbs vaporize at different temperatures. Lower temperatures produce thinner and more flavourful vapour, whereas hotter temperatures can produce thicker clouds but a harsher vapour. Vaporizers contain different methods for temperature settings, including fixed temperature, pre-set temperatures and precise temperature control. 

Heating Method

Two main heating methods are used in all vaporizers, including conduction and convection. Conduction is the most common heating method found in vaporizers, and herbs come into direct contact with the heating source. With convection vaporizers, herbs are cooked with hot air pulled from the heating element, either through inhaling or by an eternal fan. 


Some vaporizers require assembly before use, while others are simpler to use. If convenience is important to you, look at things like upkeep, simplicity and cleaning. 

What Materials Can I Get for My Vape?

Every vaporizer contains a variety of parts which come in different materials, and this feature can influence your overall experience with your vaporizer. These can include:


This material is popular because it has a very high melting point. Glass can also provide a smoother and more flavourful vapour and is easy to clean. It is very fragile, however, and replacement parts may be necessary. 


This material also has a very high melting point and is more resilient than other materials, which means parts are less likely to break or need replacing. You will enjoy the decent flavour and good vapour quality, but will have to apply strict cleaning methods because some chemicals can strip the finish on some metals. 


This material has high heat resistance and is very durable. It is not prone to breaking, although the tubing can create a slight taste. Silicone/PVC tubes are very hard to clean, and if they become too dirty, they must be replaced. 


This material is more resilient than glass and will not influence the flavour of your vapour. It is more resilient than glass but similar to metal. Some cleaners can damage the plastic, so you must be careful with your cleaning methods.


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